Elizabeth Reimer ’21

Elizabeth Reimer '21
Elizabeth Reimer '21

Naperville, Illinois
MAJORS: Bible & religion; peace, justice & conflict studies

“When I first came to GC as a freshman, I had no intention of majoring in Bible and religion. I had spent most of high school struggling with my faith, and I was ready to be done with that. I didn’t need Bible and religion classes complicating my life.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. It only took half a semester before I’d added Bible and religion as a major (I’m still not quite sure how that happened). I started asking those big questions again, just like I had in high school. This time, though, I had courses and professors that could give me answers.

How foolish I was. They didn’t give me answers — they just left me with even more questions. Luckily, with each class, I became more and more comfortable with ambiguity. I learned to embrace the strange space of unknowing that comes with any study of religion.

I am incredibly grateful to those professors who did not have the answers. They taught me that I could have these big questions and believe the things I believed and still call myself a Christian. Realizing that has helped me to find my faith again.”