Beverly Lapp

Beverly Lapp
Beverly Lapp

Professor of Music

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What drew you to want to teach at GC?

As I experienced different types of higher education institutions throughout graduate school and early career, the small liberal arts setting that Goshen College represents was in the back of my mind as a dream job location. I feel a strong connection to GC’s mission and the type of educational journey we foster here, which makes it a true joy to work here.

What do you love most about teaching GC students?

The Goshen College student body continues to amaze me with their pursuit of excellence, their zest for learning, and their deep desire to serve a hurting world. GC students are kind, fun and hardworking.

What excites you about music?

The study of music, as a field of humanities, offers great insight into the human condition. It is focused and expansive at the same time. The opportunity to take the skill one has at an instrument to a higher level is an important part of music study. Through that skill-development and the knowledge development from music history and music theory, our students encounter music composed from many different historical and cultural eras.  Students learn so much about themselves, about the world, and who they want to be in that world through their study of music.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your academic work?

I love reading, walking, taking advantage of Goshen’s great downtown and accompanying my children in their school journeys with the many athletic, arts and academic events this includes.

How does the college’s vision (international, intercultural, interdisciplinary and integrative) connect or shape your teaching and work?

A liberal arts education is about making connections. In addition to my work in the music department, I currently direct the Core Curriculum (general education program) at GC. The landmark course students take in their first semester, Identity and Culture in Community, is taught by a team of professors and administrators from a variety of disciplines and seeks to prepare students for a life of meaningful intercultural engagement. In my work with both music and the Core, I am constantly reminded to help students make connections between their areas of study, which adds a richness to my teaching and work here that I deeply treasure.

How do you strive to make peace through your work and life?

I strive to be a good colleague and supportive, challenging teacher. This requires attention to communication and to openness to feedback from each other. I believe in and strive to teach students the power of music to foster peace both within ourselves and beyond ourselves.