The physics department prepares responsible physicists, engineers and teachers for academic, research and industrial positions. Student involvement in active research within the department fosters an understanding of the philosophical and structural concepts of physics as well as an ability to apply the science itself. The department consciously promotes an active participation in the wider scientific and engineering communities.

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Engineering 3-2 program

The combination of a liberal arts background and an engineering degree from one of the leading engineering schools in the nation is the optimal education for the modern engineer. In this program the student spends three years at Goshen College and two or two and a half years at the engineering school, receiving a bachelor of arts degree in physics, chemistry or computer science from Goshen and a bachelor of science degree from the engineering school.

Goshen College has program agreements with University of Notre Dame (South Bend, Ind.) and Case School of Engineering of the Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio). Admission to the engineering school is granted to a student with a 3.3 overall grade point average, upon recommendation of the physics department.

Transfer to other schools is possible and common, but is done on an individual basis. Goshen College will grant the B.A. degree when the student completes the engineering course and the Goshen College requirements.

While at Goshen College, the engineering student is enrolled as a physics, chemistry or computer science major. Studies of science and mathematics to fulfill the requirements of the first two years in the engineering school are undertaken. In addition, the student completes the Goshen College core requirements, including the Study-Service Term (SST).

A large percentage of the Goshen students pursuing this program receive cum laude degrees from the engineering school and continue graduate study. Employment opportunities are excellent for graduates from this program.

  1. Demonstrate facility with laboratory equipment and ability to analyze and visualize data using tools such as graphing, curve fitting, and statistical analysis.
  2. Carry out independent projects and research, both individually and collaboratively.
  3. Demonstrate oral and communication skills to present technical matters to a variety of audiences.
  4. Exhibit thoughtful awareness of basic issues and questions in the relations between science, religion, and ethics.

Planning guide for engineering 3-2 track

First year Goshen Core
Calculus I & II
General Physics
Research Seminar
Info 230, Programming I*
Second year Goshen Core
General Chemistry
Multivariate Calculus
Differential Equations
Quantum Theory
SST (summer)
Third year Goshen Core
Engineering Statics*
Analytical Mechanics
Optics and Holography*
Classical Field Theory

Planning and advising notes

*Note that the three-year engineering plan above includes some courses required for engineering, but not required for the standard physics major.

Physics department advisers will assist each student in creating a suitable four-year plan. Students in a four-year program should choose SST units freely, anticipating that course schedule adjustments can be made to accommodate the choice.

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