CAEP Accountability Measures

“A combination of small class sizes, dedicated professors and fascinating field placements are what make me love this program so much.”

At Goshen, we believe in providing teaching experience directly in the classroom. Through individualized support and high academic standards, our students have a very high likelihood of success as teachers.

The vast majority of our students continue through graduation to licensure. As a small program, we are able to provide personalized feedback and support to ensure the success of our future teachers.

Measure 3: Candidate competency at completion (R3.3 [RA3.4])

Graduation Rates

95% of students who have completed our Teacher Education program met Indiana’s licensing requirements during the last three years.

Measure 3: Candidate competency at completion (R3.3 [RA3.4])

Ability to meet licensing requirements

Our graduates are going to work. In the past 3 years, 100% of Teacher Education program completers seeking a certified teaching position were employed within one year of graduation.

Measure 4: Ability of completers to be hired in education positions for which they have been prepared

Certification and employment rate

The most recent survey by IDOE (2019-20) rates our 1st, 2nd and 3rd year teachers as 100% “effective” and “highly effective”.

Measure 1: Completer effectiveness (R4.1)

Impact on P-12 student learning

87% of Indiana principals surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with the preparation that their early-career teachers received from Goshen College.

Measure 2: Satisfaction of employers and stakeholder involvement (R4.2 [R5.3] RA4.1)

Employer satisfaction survey results

One of our partner schools uses a five-point scale to evaluate their teachers, and a three is considered “rock solid”. Our alumni exceeded this benchmark in their first and second years of teaching.

According to the most recent IDOE program completer surveys (2019-20), 100% of beginning teachers who completed Goshen College’s Teacher Education program rated their preparation “good” or “excellent” after their 1st year of teaching. 90% rated Goshen College’s program as “excellent”.

Measure 1: Completer effectiveness (R4.1)

Completer satisfaction survey results


What graduates say about the Goshen College education program

Student teaching and multiple field placements helped a lot by giving me real-life class situations and experiences. The classes in general were very helpful in teaching me how to look at standards, create objectives, and design assessments.”

The relationship I had with my professors helped me the most while preparing to be a teacher. They helped boost my confidence during the rough patches and rejoiced with me during the positives. The small class sizes were also perfect for my style of learning”

I LOVED my education classes and the professors I had. They do a great job! I felt very well prepared for my first job and have felt ahead of where I should be and ahead of my colleagues!”

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