Special Facilities

Laboratory Kindergarten

Since 1959, a laboratory kindergarten has been operated by the education department in the Church-Chapel building. In 2008 it joined a partnership with Goshen Community Schools.  The laboratory kindergarten is an integral part of teacher education at Goshen College. It provides opportunities for:

  • observation of child development and behavior
  • observation of teaching procedures
  • field placements for the kindergarten internship

Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center

A 1,150-acre nature conservancy owned by Goshen College which hosts more than 5,000 school children each year for outdoor education.

Curriculum Library, Peace Curriculum Collection and Royer Reading Room

The Harold and Wilma Good Library‘s Curriculum Library is located in the south end of the basement and contains textbooks, educational kits, curriculum guides (K-12), and peace education materials (K-12). The Mary Royer Reading Room houses an excellent collection of children’s books.