About the GC Education Department


Laboratory Kindergarten

Since 1959, a laboratory kindergarten has been operated by the education department in the Church-Chapel building. In 2008, it joined a partnership with Goshen Community Schools.  The laboratory kindergarten is an integral part of teacher education at Goshen College. It provides opportunities for:

  • observation of child development and behavior
  • observation of teaching procedures
  • field placements for the kindergarten internship

Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center

A 1,150-acre nature conservancy owned by Goshen College which hosts more than 5,000 school children each year for outdoor education.

Curriculum Library, Peace Curriculum Collection and Royer Reading Room

The Harold and Wilma Good Library‘s Curriculum Library is located in the south end of the basement and contains textbooks, educational kits, curriculum guides (K-12), and peace education materials (K-12). The Mary Royer Reading Room houses an excellent collection of children’s books.

Program Distinctives

_DSC7939 2English as a New Language

Schools continue to need teachers who are skilled in working with students who do not speak English as their first language. GC is one of the few programs that offers dual certification in Elementary Education K-6 and ENL K-6, as well as Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education K-6.

Experiential Learning

Student Teaching – School systems in the area cooperate with Goshen College to provide strong and varied student teaching experiences. Preservice teachers experience a broad spectrum of classroom situations. During the student teaching experience, students will work 12 or more weeks full time in a local school system and will be supervised by classroom teachers and college professors.

Fieldwork Experiences – An important part of Goshen’s teacher education program is learning first-hand in the schools. Students will work in a variety of settings with diverse populations. If Study-Service Term (SST) is part of the international education experience, students will also have the opportunity to work with children or youth in another culture.

Conflict Transformation

As school violence has increased, we have seen the need for teacher candidates to develop skills in conflict mediation. In collaboration with the peace, justice and conflict studies department, we are able to offer a series of three courses that equip our students in being able to help transform conflict peacefully. We strongly recommend that all teacher education candidates complete this sequence, which results in a Goshen College Certificate in Conflict Transformation.

Environmental Education

Goshen College is fortunate to have integrated Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center into content area courses so all elementary majors have the opportunity to work in environmental education as part of their program.


Every year, the Teacher Education Department surveys recent graduates and their principals to ensure that we are preparing our students for successful teaching in today’s classrooms. Here are a few comments from our most recent surveys:

What principals say about Goshen College graduates:

  • I have been very pleased and impressed with preparedness of the education majors from Goshen.
  • The desire to continually learn and to be a reflective practitioner is abundant!
  • Due to learning at GC, [this teacher] has been very prepared and strong—a true growth mindset!

What graduates say about the Goshen College education program:

  • Student teaching and multiple field placements helped a lot by giving me real-life class situations and experiences. The classes in general were very helpful in teaching me how to look at standards, create objectives, and design assessments.
  • The relationship I had with my professors helped me the most while preparing to be a teacher. They helped boost my confidence during the rough patches and rejoiced with me during the positives. The small class sizes were also perfect for my style of learning.
  • I LOVED my education classes and the professors I had. They do a great job! I felt very well prepared for my first job and have felt ahead of where I should be and ahead of my colleagues!