WGCS Student Station Manager

Since 1958, only a small number of students have earned the privilege to lead WGCS at its highest student level as the station manager. More than leadership, it is also a position of service and responsibility.

The station manager works with the WGCS General Manager on the overall sound, operation, and quality of the radio station. Additionally, the station manager will delegate and supervise the responsibilities of other student staff leaders and operators. The term of station manager is for one academic year beginning in the summer, or at the start of the upcoming fall semester.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Provide station leadership
  • Ensuring proper operations of various aspects of the station
  • Provide supervision of News Director, Program Director and Sports Director.
  • Represent The Globe at external functions
  • Coordinate Membership Drive alongside GM
  • Day-to-Day evaluation of radio operations

Position Compensation – Scholarship & Yearly Stipend

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