The Globe Program Director

The Program Director will report to the General Manager, Executive Producer and Student Station Manager. The Program Director is responsible for all music and music-related programming  on The Globe. This is includes helping with the selection and integration of music content into the day-to-day schedule. Working closely with the General Manager and other leadership positions, the PD will acquire, create and promote all on air content for Globe Radio & TV.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Schedule daily music playlists and station logs
  • Recruit and develop a staff of students (Paid, COMM Practice and Volunteer)
  • Produce promotional announcements and underwriting content
  • Work with industry promoters and professional artists
  • Publish weekly music blog/vlog on The Globe’s media outlets
  • Attend 2 weekly meetings

Position Compensation – Scholarship & Yearly Stipend

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  • If reapplying please describe your strongest conrtributions to the department as it relates to TV and Radio.
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