The Globe PR Manager

The Globe PR Manager

The Globe Public Relations Manager will oversee the marketing and promotion of The Globe Radio, Globe TV and Globe Sports properties. The PR Manager will handle social media for The Globe, update the website, plan promotional events/campaigns and handle all external communication with The Globe’s community partnerns.

The candidate should have strong communication skills and be a proactive self motivated individual. This type of position has tight deadlines and loose parameters. The job is not always confined to a specific work shift.

  • Attend weekly Globe all-staff meeting (Monday 10 a.m.)
  • Create weekly “hot sheet” for air talent
  • Maintain a concert calendar for internal use by staff
  • Oversee all social media platforms
  • Coordinate external print and outdoor promotional content
  • Populate and maintain events calendar for upcoming sports, music and local events
  • Host a minimum of one live and one voice-tracked radio shift

The Globe Promotions Director Application

  • If reapplying please describe your strongest conrtributions to the department as it relates to TV and Radio.
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