Alumni Feature – Aaron George

1) What are you doing at this point in your life and how did your Psychology degree help with that?

I am currently pursuing a degree in computer Science. I believe that my Psychology degree played a role in developing a systematic and logical approach to problem solving that has been a crucial skill throughout my exploration of computer science.

2) What influenced your decision to go into the area of Psychology that you are in?

I have primarily been influenced by the work of Dr. Paul Ekman in the field of emotions. As I work towards a computer science degree, I am drawn towards a more concrete understanding of emotions through computational modelling of empathy and emotions.

3) Which classes that you took at GC helped you get to where you are?

Statistics in Research and Research and methods were probably the two pivotal classes that shaped my interests towards a computational and mathematical perspective of psychology.

4) Do you have any advice forcollege students about going to grad school?

Do not be discouraged by any rejection from grad schools. Instead, seize every opportunity you can to learn something new and expand your perspectives.

5) How has your experience at GC helped you?

I believe that the my time at the psychology department helped foster a level of critical thinking, logic, and reasoning, that has not only manifested in my academic life but also in daily living.