Center for Community Justice Internship

The Center for Community Justice in Elkhart, IN seeks a research intern to work towards the establishment of a Restorative Justice Court in Elkhart County.

The Director of CCJ writes “Elkhart County has begun a conversation about starting a Restorative Justice Court. There is a lot of writing that we need to review and there are many people with key experience that we need to talk to while we consider a Restorative Justice Court as a county. We have gotten past the first big step. The key actors (Judges, the Head of Court Service, the Chief Prosecuting Attorney, and the Director of Elkhart County Community Corrections) are at the table and conversation has begun. I am writing you because we could use an intern to help provide support services for a year long project. This intern will read research on existing courts as well as speak with our contacts in Chicago and New York who are already doing this work. This intern would be responsible to help summarize the work of existing Restorative Justice Courts around the U.S. and present to the task force each month.”

The intern should have proficient skills in:
*   Reading and reviewing scholarly and non-scholarly articles
*   Phone interviewing
*   Professional presentations – utilizing public speaking and Power Point
*   Navigating politics and bureaucracy

The intern will be accountable to the Executive Director of the Center for Community Justice. As
this project moves forward, they may work with the other key stakeholders as well. Please

To apply, contact Professor Joe Liechty or reach out to CCJ directly.