Indiana Math Competition

Students attending the MAA-IN Spring Meeting.

Thirty teams of up to three students each participated in the Indiana Collegiate Mathematics Competition on March 24 at Earlham College.  Goshen College fielded three teams. Kenan Bitikofer, Colleen Weldy, and Margaret Plank captured 8th place with 32 points. Christian Bechler and Luke Graber captured 15th place with 22 points. Leah Landis, Julian Harnish. and Lydia Miller captured 21st place with 17 points.

All enjoyed the contest, banquet, and the after-banquet talk by Jennifer Quinn on Epic Math Battles: Counting vs. Matching.  Christian Bechler stayed for the Saturday talks including The Combinatorialization of Linear Recurrences by Jennifer Quinn, The Mathematics of Star Trek by Michael Karls, and Harmonious Equations: An Exploration of Math & Music by Dave Kung.