Julius Caesar, March 2016

JULIUS CAESAR by William Shakespeare

A play in five acts, directed by Michelle Milne

Performance Dates: March 4, 5 & 11 at 8p.m. and March 6, 12 & 13 at 3p.m.

Tickets may be purchased at the Goshen College Welcome Center or online at goshen.edu/tickets

Shakespeare’s classic draws parallels to our current political and social climates in a place called Rome. Alliances are made and broken, governments are overthrown and mobs emerge as an unstoppable force. Produced in the round, this Goshen College production calls into question our integrity, values and how we might be swayed subconsciously by those around us.

“Everyone in the play is swayed – even those characters who seem morally grounded, believing themselves to be acting with honor. They are swayed individually, and they are swayed in groups. They are flattered, tricked, or so moved by please for a “greater Rome” that they lose perspective on who is making the plea, and whether or not the motives match their values. They are polarized.

“Characters are swayed by ambition, by jealousy and ego, by their friends, and by politicians’ well-crafted words. In one moment they are committed to a person or ideal; in the next, they are committed to its opposite. In one moment, they extend a hand of camaraderie; in the next, they defend their turf with violence.” – Michelle Milne, Director