The Boys Next Door, March 2015


A play in two acts, directed by Doug Liechty Caskey

Performance Dates: March 20, 22 and 27-29, 2015

The Boys Next Door follows the lives of four adult men as they navigate living together, meeting new people, and coming to terms with change. These men are special, each encountering disabilities (and abilities). Arnold contemplates travelling to Russia, Barry looks to start his pro golf career, Lucian touts his superior knowledge of agriculture and Norman shares his passion for donuts. Jack Palmer, their supervisor and friend, simultaneously deals with doubts about living and working with them. They all go through ups and downs, laughter and tears to help us notice the humanity of everyone in our community, regardless of ability.

For this production, the cast and crew have partnered with the community members at MDC Goldenrod. It is a faith-based nonprofit based in Goshen, IN that works to create community with people of all abilities through providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities. GC students have enjoyed building relationships with them through group activities and sharing rehearsal together.