Go Leafs community event



Live Everyday Active, Fit and Strong

In November, kinesiology majors and student-athletes partnered with Goshen Community Schools and other community organizations to host this fun evening of physical and nutritional activities.

Organizational involvement included Goshen College Kinesiology and Athletic departments partnered with Goshen Community Schools, IU Health Goshen, Shepard Swim School, EGH, Walmart, CVS, Kroger.

More than 140 people were involved in this event including approximately forty Parkside children and their families, twenty Goshen College student-athletes and twelve Goshen High School students.

Activities included basketball, volleyball, soccer, a taste test and making fruit kabobs for a snack.  Concepts emphasized during the evening were heart health, drinking water and healthy eating.  Many prizes were given away including two glow in the dark soccer balls, jump ropes, water bottles, T-shirts, glow sticks, stickers, sunglasses, novelties and gift cards.

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