‘Gadfly’ Oct. 4-5, 2014


Based on a true story, this original play follows the experiences of Sam Steiner, an American draft dodger and his journey to Canada in 1968. Sam seeks to find the balance between his conservative Mennonite upbringing and the political realities of the day. Commissioned by Conrad Grebel University College and the Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario.

Original play written and directed by Rebecca Steiner. Presented by ‘Theatre of the Beat’ with a live band from Waterloo, Ontario

GadFly: Sam Steiner Doges the Draft by Rebecca Steiner


The Cast

John Wideman

Kimberlee Walker

Benjamin Wert

Rebecca Steiner


The Band

Daniel Kramer

Fred Martin

Darrel Martin

Marcia Shantz

Jonathan Sauder

Laura Dyck

Dan Root

Larry Shantz


The Production Team

Director                                                                                    Rebecca Steiner

Stage Manager                                                             Leah Harder-Wideman

Assistant Stage Manager                                                           Angie Troyer, Nick Peebles

Technical Director                                                                    Andrew Moeggenborg

Producer                                                          Doug Liechty Caskey, Kelli Burkholder King

Dramaturg                                                                                Reid Vanie

Media Designer                                                                        Tallen Kay

Light Designer                                                              Dave Metcalfe

Stage Combat Designer                                                            Shaw Forgeron

Sound Board Operator                                                 Joel Kimenez

Light Board Operator                                                               Riley Woods

Load-in Crew                                                               Angie Troyer, Nick Peebles, Robert Lerch

Master Electrician                                                                     Gwen Stephan

Master Carpenter                                                                     Brett Conrad

Assistant Technical Director                                                      Angie Troyer

House Manager                                                                        Brandi Brubaker

Graphic Designer                                                                      Jama Yoder

Production Assistant                                                                 Sandy Slabaugh

Executive Producer                                                                   Fred Martin