Students present their research at regional conferences

Congratulations to all our students who presented their research at regional conferences during the spring of 2013!  Students are shown in bold.

Indiana Academy of Sciences

Joel Maust, Jon Mark, and Doug Schirch – Synthesis of B-hydroxy-E-N-trimethyl-L-lysine for characterization of a key enzyme in carnitine biosynthesis

David Graber and Doug Landis – Isolating the role of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) as seed and insect predators in a Michigan prairie

Jenna Nofziger and Stan Grove – Production of algal biomass using the Formco photobioreactor

Mara Swartzentruber and Andy Ammons – Correlation of behavior and genetics in circadian rhythm of A. mellifera

Jon Miller and Rich Manalis – Twin-pulse facilitation measured as twitch ratios at the frog nerve/gastrocnemius preparation)

Julz Quiroz, Leah Amstutz, Ali Hochstetler, Caleb Longenecker, David Zehr, and Kris Schmidt – Extending the neuron navigator pathway: employing genetic screens to identify novel unc-53/Nav2 interacting genes in Caenorhabditis elegans

Midwest Ecology & Evolution Conference – Notre Dame

Luke Zehr, David Stoesz, and Ryan Sensenig – Long-term fire-elephant interactions drive Acacia drepanolobium community dynamics
in a Kenyan savanna