Featuring 2012 Social Work Graduate Nora Miller

Nora Miller - 4

Following graduation, Nora Miller, (Social Work 2012) joined Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) and accepted a placement at a program for homeless, pregnant teenagers on the west coast.  After completing her year of service, Nora enjoyed the work enough that she transitioned into a paid, grant-funded position at the same agency.  Nora’s work involves prenatal and perinatal work with moms, some of whom are using mental health therapy and/or intense case management for families with existing or recently closed CPS cases. Nora works in the housing department dividing her time between administrative and case management work for/with clients who are either struggling to find housing or are in an undesirable housing situation (evictions, unresponsive landlords).

Nora writes, “Work’s going great right now. I’m still learning a lot but definitely have a much more solid grasp on everything. It’s still weird to think I’m actually doing what I went to school for. I’m thinking of going back to school in 2015 for a MSW, MPH, or (perhaps) some form of nursing. We’ll see!

“Writing to you, I’m not sure what to express the most gratitude for – the complete practicality of learning how to write case notes or the long-term benefits to my work and self of learning more in-depth about broader social issues, social constructionism and the importance of cultural humility. Just tonight I was talking to Emma (Fenton-Miller) (Social Work/Art 2010) about a guy I met who is working on his doctorate in physics who didn’t know that race was socially constructed! Crazy! I guess I’ll thank you and Bob (among the many others) for that.”