Billy Funk's Triple Showdown with Reality – Billy Funk, January 2013

Senior Billy Funk ‘ 13 showed off his acting range when he selected three vastly different one acts. He opened with “Interface,” followed by “Eukiah” in which Eukiah hides in an airplane hangar. Cowboy Butch wants to dig his friend out. What has Eukiah heard? Who wants to burn that barn full of horses?. Finally Funk finished the show with “Degas C’est Moi.” To top off  the evening Funk proposed to longtime girlfriend Alita Yoder ’13.




Billy Funk’s Triple Showdown with Reality



Interface by Mic Weinblatt

Dr. Gagney                               Billy Funk

Marlow                                    Peter Garry


Eukiah by Landord Wilson

Eukiah                                      Benjie Aguilera Brown

Butch                                       Billy Funk


Degas, C’est Moi by David Ives

Ed                                            Billy Funk

Doris                                        Alita Yoder

Host of City People                  Jordan Weaver

Brook Hostetter

Aaron Shelly



Production Team

Director of Degas C’est Moi and Eukiah                                   Phil Weaver-Stoesz

Director of Interface                                                                 Samuel Rosario

Technical Director                                                                    Andrew Moeggenborg

Assistant Technical Director                                                      Angie Troyer

Producer                                                                                  Doug Liechty Caskey

Stage Manager                                                             Angie Troyer

Set Designer                                                                             Angie Troyer

Scenic Artists                                                                           Gwen Stephan and Angie Troyer

Light Designer                                                              Gwen Stephan

Light Board Operator                                                               Gwen Stephan

Sound Designer                                                                        Joel Kawira

Sound Board Operator                                                 Joel Kawira

Costume Designer                                                                    Natasha Weisenbeck

Hair & Makeup Designer                                                          Natasha Weisenbeck

Graphic Designer                                                                      Emma Brooks

Production Assistant                                                                 Sandy Slabaugh

House Manager                                                                        Emily Kraybill