Nifty Assignment – Vehicle Registration

Ezra  Ocubamichael recently wrote an iPad App to help Goshen College Physical plant register vehicles. Students or faculty first login to the App. Then they are prompted to enter information about their vehicle including items like the plate number of the vehicle as well as the make of the vehicle, it color and the type of vehicle.

This Vehicle Registration App is a proof of concept App. Goshen hopes to implement more such Apps to allow students and staff to conveniently interact with business operations of the college using mobile devices. But the college is still exploring how best to utilize phones and tablets in the operations of the college and has not yet adopted any of the business Apps yet.

Ezra is excited about developing other mobile Apps for the college. One App he is particularly excited about is an emergency notification system.  Such a system would allow the school to broadcast emergency alerts to iPad and other mobile devices. The app would display the alerts so students and staff could take appropriate actions in case of emergency (such as go to a designated shelter location in case of a tornado). Hopefully he and other informatics students can start working on such an App soon.