2012 Religion & Science Conference

2012 Religion & Science Conference

On March 23-25 Professor Celia Deane-Drummond will speak on the topic “Re-Imaging the Divine Image: Humans and Other Animals” for this year’s Religion and Science Conference at Goshen College.

The individual lectures Professor Deane-Drummond will present are:

Re-Imaging the Divine Image 1. Freedom
Re-Imaging the Divine Image 2. Virtue
Re-Imaging the Divine Image 3. Cooperation

Professor Deane-Drummond is currently full Professor in Theology at the University of Notre Dame. During her scientific career she lectured both nationally and internationally and published over thirty scientific articles.

Since then she has published numerous articles, books, edited collections and contributions to books, focusing particularly on the engagement of systematic theology and the biological sciences, alongside practical, ethical discussion in bioethics and environmental ethics. She has lectured widely both nationally and internationally on all areas relating theology and theological ethics with different aspects of the biosciences, especially ecology and genetics.

For more information go to https://www.goshen.edu/religionscience