Nifty Assignment of the Week

Snake Game Project

Start of snake game
Save the babies before the snakes eat them!

Lynn Osborne, a senior accounting major, wrote this game in the Informatics I course at Goshen College.

In this game 4 snakes are eating babies. The player tries to save as many babies as possible before they get eaten.

The arrow keys are used to move the player around the screen. Be careful here, the arrow keys in this game work differently than some other games. The left arrow changes direction the person is facing by turning to the left. Right arrow turns the person the opposite direction. Up arrow moves person forward (in whatever direction the person is facing. Down arrow moves a person backward.

Earn points by saving a baby. Every time a person reaches a baby he sends the baby home to safety and earns 5 points.

But watch for snakes! Not only do the snakes eat babies–They kill older people too. A player has three lives. Once the player is bitten by three snakes the game is over.

Click here to play the game (Your browser must be able to run Java applets to play)