Fall Mainstage: A View from the Bridge, Nov. 2011

Fall Mainstage: A View from the Bridge

Set in the 1950’s, Eddie Carbone, an Italian American longshoreman, lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn, with his wife Beatrice and his niece Catherine. He is a pillar in the community who is devoted to and protective of his family. After his wife’s cousins, Marco and Rodolpho, arrive in America illegally, escaping the poverty of Sicily, Eddie’s troubles are only beginning. As new immigrant Rodolpho and Catherine fall in love, Eddie’s adoration for his niece is no longer touching, and becomes increasingly terrifying. Eddie’s love and loyalty for his niece is challenged by his wife and the cousins. Eddie works adamantly to retain his community authority and defend his reputation. Even a visit to Alfieri, the local lawyer, is ineffective in resolving the brewing conflict. When Arthur Miller wrote the play, he recognized that the local power of the community trumps national interests. Classified by critics as a modern tragedy, A View from the Bridge focuses on the domestic world of middle class individuals–both strengths and imperfections.

A contemporary New York News critic recognized Miller’s play as “an intensely absorbing drama, sure of itself every step of the way. It makes no false moves, wastes no time and has the beauty that comes from directness and simplicity.”


A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller




Alfieri                                                                                       Jay Mst

Eddie                                                                                       Phil Weaver- Stoesz

Beatrice                                                                                    Vanessa Jones

Catherine                                                                                  Sarah Lake- Rayburn

Rodolpho                                                                                 Brett Conrad

Marco                                                                                      Benjie Aguilera-Brown

Immigration Office                                                                    Matt Lehman, Landon Slabaugh

Tony                                                                                        Angel Reyes Jr

Mike                                                                                        Nate Vader

Louis                                                                                        Paul Manickam

Mrs. Lipari                                                                               Sara Klassen

Mr. Lipari                                                                                 Angel Reyes Jr

Submarines                                                                               Billy Funk, Emily Bowman


Production Team


Director                                                                                    Tamera Izlar

Techncial Director                                                                    Andrew Moeggenborg

Producer                                                                                  Doug Leichty Caskey

Stage Manager                                                             Sarah Lerch

Set Designer                                                                             Andrew Moeggenborg

Light Designer                                                              Aaron Kaufmann

Costume Designer                                                                    Maryn Munley

Sound Designer                                                                        Joel Kawira

Dialect Coach                                                                           Paul Meier

Props Designers                                                                       Rhianna Cockrell, Melanie Hertzler

Hair & Make up Designer                                                         Kelly Frey

Dramaturg                                                                                Josh Hofer

Assistant Stage Manager                                                           Angie Troyer, Cody Steele

Acting Coach                                                                           Emily Bowmen

Stage Combat                                                                          Dawn Parvu

Master Carpenter                                                                     Phil Weaver-Stoesz

Master Electrician                                                                     Aaron Kaufmann

Wardrobe Manager                                                                  Matt Lehman

Hair & Make up Crew                                                             Hannah Bartel, Nina Foxz, Kelly Frey, Angelica Lehman, Emily Yoder

Graphic Designer                                                                      Emily Brooks

Costume Crew                                                                        Lewis Caskey, Abby Hertzler, Alia


Light Board Operator                                                               Gwen Stephan

Sound Board Operator                                                 Nereida Jiminez

Interpreters                                                                               Brittany Lentz, Sarah Rutt

Director of ASL Program                                                         Colleen Geier

Production Assistant                                                                 Sandy Slabaugh

House Manager                                                                        Alisha Bender, Brandi Brubaker

Publicity                                                                                   Alysha Landis

Advance Ticket Sales                                                               Lisa Weaver