Winter Mainstage – Translations, Feb. 2011

Winter Mainstage – Translations by Brian Friel, directed by Tamera Izlar

Translations aligns beautifully with the GC Theater Department’s “Loyalty, Love and Loss” season theme. Considered one of Friel’s most innovative works, the play is a funny and bitter portrait of Irish peasants caught up in the midst of quiet socio-political upheaval, complete with a pair of star- crossed lovers for good measure.

Performance dates are February 11,12,19 at 8:00 p.m. and February 13 and 20 3:00 p.m. The February 20 performance is ASL interpreted. Tickets are $8 general and $5 students/seniors.

For tickets, contact: Lisa Weaver, phone: (574) 535-7566,


Translations by Brian Friel 2011



Manus                                                                                      Patrick Maxwell

Sarah                                                                                       Meg Kennell

Jimmy Jack                                                                               Josh Hofer

Marie                                                                                       Vanessa Jones

Doalty                                                                                      Samuel Jones

Bridget                                                                                     Liz Core

Hugh                                                                                        Matt Lehman

Owen                                                                                       Lewis Caskey

Captain Lancey                                                                        Joel Kawira

Lieutenant Yolland                                                                    Jacob Landis-Eigsti



Production Team

Director                                                                                    Tamera Izlar

Producer                                                                                  Doug Leichty Caskey

Production Assistant                                                                 Sandy Slabaugh

Stage Manager                                                             Sarah Lerch

Set Design                                                                                Maryn Munley, Sara Klassen

Light Design                                                                             Jerry Peters, Josh Hofer

Costume Design                                                                       Lauren King

Sound Design                                                                           Nathaniel Tann

Props Design                                                                            Stefan Kuhns

Hair & Make up Design                                                            Clare Maxwell

Graphic Design                                                             Hannah Sandvold

Dramaturg                                                                                Kristina Mast

Dialect Design                                                                          Paul Meier

Asst. Stage Manager                                                                Gwen Stephan, Tillie Yoder

Asst. Technical Director                                                            Meg Kennell

Light Board Operator                                                               Jenny Boehs, Aaron Kaufmann

Sound Board Operator                                                 Paul Manickam

Master Carpenter                                                                     Clayton Miller, Phil Stoesz

Master Electrician                                                                     Jenny Boehs, Aaron Kaufmann

Make up Crew                                                                         Meg Kennell, Patrick Ressler, Adriel Santiago

Paint Crew                                                                               Amethyst Blankenship, Maryn Munley

Costume Construction                                                              Laura Horst, Sarah Lake-Rayburn

Professor of ASL                                                                     Colleen Geier

Interpreters                                                                               Brittany Lentz, Sarah Rutt, Angelica Lehman

House Manager                                                                        Kristina Mast, Alisha Bender, Emma Gerig, PJ Kooker, Rachel Mast

Publicity                                                                                   Jodi Beleyer, Kristina Mast

Advance Ticket Sales                                                               Lisa Weaver