Winter One Acts 2010

Winter One Acts 2010

The next production in the GC Theater Department’s “Think For Yourself” season 2009-2010 features five short One Act plays.
BIRTH by Phil Stoesz, directed by Angie Noah.
Joey thinks he’s alone in his urban apartment, but when an Escort arrives to take him away, he quickly realizes he is not yet finished with life as he knows it.

LET ME BE by Jacob Landis-Eigsti, directed by Josh Hofer.
Brian has been locked away and has plenty of time on his hands for thinking. What happens when the dark crevices of the mind reveal more darkness than light? If nothing else, he realizes he has more in common with his “cellmate” Larry than he originally thought.

BUSINESS ETHICS by Patrick Maxwell, directed by Mike Honderich.
A young man’s moral compass is compromised when faced with orders to carry out an unethical marketing proposal.

EUKIAH by Lanford Wilson, directed by Vanessa Hofer.
Eukiah has a hard time trusting his own mind when it comes to saving the farm’s endeared horses. Instead, to his peril, he listens to the persuasive logic of the seemingly more intelligent Butch.

I AM NOT BATMAN by Marco Ramirez, directed by Suzanne Ehst.
The central character, given only the name of “boy,” hints at his own daily-life struggles, but then takes us deeply into a make-believe world where he is indeed Batman. These two worlds are not so easily separated, however, and it’s through that very intersection that we see the boy use his creative powers of mind to transcend the grim realities of the everyday-if only for a moment.

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