'Here to Serve You' and '29 Questions', Oct. 2008

‘Here to Serve You’ and ’29 Questions’

Goshen College Peace Play Contest Winners

1st place
Here To Serve You

By Barbara Lindsay

2nd place
29 Questions

By Hillary Rollins

Directed by Patrick Reynolds
Stage Manager: Laura Nimigan
Technical Director: Jerry Peters

Following two years of submissions from across the country, the winners of the department of theater’s Peace Play competition take the stage on October 3, 4, and 5 in Umble Center. Here to Serve You by rising playwright Barbara Babs Lindsay, plunges the audience into one very madcap day at an off-kilter airport terminal. In this comedy all it takes is fear, coincidence, and one over-eager security officer to demolish the smooth operations of the airport. The drama 29 Questions by Hillary Rollins invites the audience deep into the friendship of two women as they wrestle over children, chocolate, distance, and frustrated dreams. For world at war and a campus seeking peace, it’s forty minutes of theater you won’t want to miss.