'HONK!­' – Hillary Knox, May 2006

‘HONK!­’ – Hillary Knox

by Anthony Drewe and George Stiles
Directed by Doug Liechty Caskey and Deb Brubaker

A delightful musical (winner of London’s Olivier award for best new musical in 2000) based on Hans Christian Andersen’s traditional tale of “The Ugly Duckling.” Ugly, when hatched, makes a strange “honk” sound instead of the expected “quack!” This brings about ridicule and adventure with the surrounding barnyard animals. A mishap sends Ugly out and about resulting in a desperate search to be reunited with his mother, Ida. Overcoming numerous obstacles, including a hungry cat and duck hunters, Ugly not only finds his mother, but his true identity as anything but ugly. Join the GC theater and music departments in (re)discovering the adventures and heart-warming outcome of this hilarious and colorful musical story, directed by Doug Liechty Caskey and Debra Brubaker with choreography by Talashia Keim Yoder. Suitable for all ages.


Honk! By George Stiles




Drake                                                                                       Adam Schellenberg

Turkey                                                                                     Brent Lehman

Ida                                                                                           Jessica David

Maureen                                                                                   Marianna Stegmann

Henrietta                                                                                  Cassie Greer

Cat                                                                                           Kyle Dean Reinford

Grace                                                                                       Kimberlee Rohrer

Beaky                                                                                      Sara Thogersen

Fluff                                                                                         Grace Magnan

Billy                                                                                          Janelle Koch

Downey                                                                                   Becca Shantz

Ugly                                                                                         Ben Noll

Fish                                                                                          David Bontrager, Adrienne Nesbitt, Miriam Augsburger, Cassie Greer, Marianna Stegmann

Girl’s Voice                                                                              Nicole Miazgowicz

Floor Manager                                                                         Laura Landis

Jay Bird                                                                                    David Bontrager

Camera Man                                                                            Ramadhan Audy

Greylag                                                                                    Andrew Landis

Dot                                                                                          Kimberlee Rohrer

Barnacles                                                                                 David Bontrager

Pinkfoot                                                                                   Miriam Augsburger

Snowy                                                                                      Brent Lehman

Old Woman’s Voice                                                                 Rachel Sprunger

Queenie                                                                                    Cassie Greer

Lowbutt                                                                                   Adrienne Nesbitt

Penny                                                                                       Miriam Augsburger

Mother Swan                                                                           Adrienne Nesbitt

Bewink                                                                         Brent Lehman

Bullyfrog                                                                                   David Bontrager

Froglets                                                                                    Miriam Augburger, Adrienne Nesbitt, Sarah Thogersen, Brent Lehman, Adam Schellenberg

Farmer’s Voice                                                                        David Kempf

Father Swan                                                                             Adam Schellenberg





Debra Brubaker

Christine Seitz

Katie Bender

Nate Grieser

Mary Gilbert

Amanda Entz

Anita Hooley

Andrea Nussbaum

Peter Miller

Rafael Chavez

Melissa Macgregor

Sheldon Good

David Kempf


Production Team


Director                                                                                    Doug Liechty Caskey

Music Director                                                             Deb Brubaker

Choreographer                                                                         Talashina Keim Yoder

Technical Director                                                                    Jerry Peters

Producer                                                                                  Michelle Milne

Rehearsal Accompanist                                                 Christina Seitz

Assistant Director                                                                     Rachel Sprunger

Stage Manager                                                             Hillary Knox

Costume Designer                                                                    Kevin Koch, Nicole Miazgowicz, Lindsay Nance

Set Designer                                                                             Kevin Koch, Nicole Miazgowicz, Lindsay Nance

Light Designer                                                              Cassie Greer, Jonny Meyer

Hair & Make up Designer                                                         Sara Thogersen

Graphic Designer                                                                      Hannah Gerig

Assistant Stage Manager                                                           Laura Landis, Ramadhan Audy

Production Manager                                                                 Brian Mast

House Manager                                                                        Lindsay Nance

Publicity                                                                                   Jodi Beyeler

Publicity Assistant                                                                     Laura Landis

Light Board Operator                                                               Rachel Sprunger

Sound Board Operator                                                 Lindsay Nance

Advance Ticket Sales                                                               Jo Ann Preheim, Kim Snyder, Deana Markley

Master Carpenters                                                                    Adam Orrick, Travis Yutzy

Wardrobe Manager                                                                  Lindsay Nance

Paint Crew                                                                               Kimberlee Rohrer, Hillary Knox, Rachel Sprunger, Grace Magnan, Hope Greiser, Nata Burmester, Kartina Mast, Ramadhan Audy, Jessica David, Lindsay Nance, Laura Landis

Lighting Crew                                                                           Cassie Greer, Jonny Meyer, Neb Noll, Jonathan Yoder

Set Construction                                                                       Nate Burmester, Grace Magnan, Hillary Knox, Rachel Sprunger, Ramadhan Audy, Laura Landis, Marianne Stegmann

Props Crew                                                                              Adrienne Nesbitt, Miriam Augsburger, Adam Schellenberg, Grace Magnan