Winter One Acts 2004

Dog Poop by Stephen Peace

Directed by Adam Roth


Agnes                                                                                                   Rosanna Nafzinger

June                                                                                                     Libby Hannah Glover


Bedtime by Mary Gallagher

Directed by Sarah E. Detwiler

Kitty                                                                                                     Sarah Elizabeth Miller

Tina                                                                                                      Rebecca Fast



In the Beginning was Eve by Warren Kliewer

Directed by Kyle Dean Reinford

Adam                                                                                                   Alex Miller

Eve                                                                                                      Rosanna Nafzinger

God                                                                                                     Joe Hartman


Heads and Tails by Diana Renee Zimmerman

Directed by Jessica Lehman

David                                                                                                   Jim Whittaker

Clay                                                                                                     Dan Clouse

Roselyn                                                                                                Adrienne Nesbitt

Kate                                                                                                     Katie Harnish



Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Titiern Abbey, Part III by Jonathan Reynolds

Directed by Ben Friesen


Lady Murdoch                                                                                     Chriss Kulp

Sir Keith Murdoch                                                                                Dave Kendall

Andrew Murdoch                                                                                 Alex Miller

Nigel Murdoch                                                                         Joe Hartman

Rupert Murdoch                                                                                   Dan Horst

Mrs. Fairchildrenren                                                                             Erin Sigler


Production Team


Design Coordinator                                                                              Bryan Falcon

Producer                                                                                              Erin Bontrager

Assistant Producer                                                                                Cody Bailey

Production Manager                                                                             Jodie Baker

Assistant Production Manager                                                   Cassie Greer

Technical Director                                                                                Jerry Peters

Assistant Technical Director                                                                  Erin Bontrager

Set Designer                                                                                         Eric Diener Meyer

Costume Designer                                                                                Adam Roth

Lighting Designer                                                                                  Cassie Greer

Sound Designer                                                                                    Alburn Binkly

Production Stage Manager                                                                    Nicole Maizagowicz

Assistant Stage Manager                                                                       Abby Nafziger

Master Carpenter                                                                                 Adam Roth

Master Electrician                                                                                 Ben Freisen

Wardrobe Manager                                                                              Sophie Shields

Light Board Operator                                                                           Erini Sheilds

Sound Board Operator                                                             Alburn Binkly

Graphic Designer                                                                                  Erin Bontrager