Core Values Institute

The Goshen College Core Values Institute (CVI) grows out of President James E. Brenneman’s vision that every student, faculty, staff and board member be given an opportunity to discover his or her part in the unfolding creation that is the Goshen College story.

The foundation for the Core Values Institute is inspired by Robert Benne’s book Quality with Soul and Albert J. Meyer’s book Realizing Our Intentions, each of whom believes a Christian college or university can maintain its historic connections to the church of its origins and remain generously welcoming of others from very different faith perspectives.

In a series of participatory sessions and educational experiences, everyone at Goshen College will be introduced to and interact with the five core values of Goshen College:

  • Christ centeredness
  • global citizenship
  • compassionate peacemaking
  • servant leadership
  • passionate learning

These core values grow out of its 500-year old Mennonite Christian faith heritage.

By sharing our varied stories with each other and in conversation with these five core values, everyone — from the study hall to the soccer field, from the board room to the break room — will become an integral member of the Goshen College family.

Programming highlights

The Core Values Institute will offer Schedule of Events for intentional engagement in the following ways:

New Student Days orientation, co-curriculars, chapel, convocation, a “story-shaped” general education curriculum based on integrative learning outcomes.
New employee orientation, human resource employee development series, Core Values Institute forums, and employee applications and performance appraisals.
Teaching and Administrative Faculty
New faculty orientation, faculty mentor program, Core Values Institute forums, Core Values Institute faith integration symposia, faculty application and tenure review.
Board member orientation, each board meeting, a Core Values Institute plenary session.

Goshen College Vision Statement

Goshen College will be recognized as an influential leader in liberal arts education focusing on international, intercultural, interdisciplinary, and integrative teaching and learning that offers every student a life-orienting story embedded in Christ centered core values: global citizenship, compassionate peacemaking, servant leadership and passionate learning.

Annual Core Values Institute Forums

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