Expenses are for one academic year, including the fall semester, spring semester and the May term. Goshen College offers financial aid to make it possible for students to enroll who would not be able to do so without assistance. 

A variety of scholarships and grants are administered for students who have demonstrated high achievement or otherwise have indicated strong potential to benefit from attending GC and to contribute to the achievement of the college's mission. Financial aid is also administered to assist the college in meeting its goals for cultural diversity. 

Those who wish to apply should contact the Student Financial Aid Office (Ad 10) or the Admissions Office (Arts Building, First Floor). 

Priority is given to those applications received by March 1 (Indiana residents must apply by March 1 for state grants). Students need to reapply for financial assistance each year. Prices are subject to change for 2003-04.

Tuition / Room and Board

May Term 
Full-time tuition (12 to 15 hours) 
Board (full board)***
Technology fee   (prorated for part-time students) 

* There is no refund for non-attendance in May-term. Surcharges for persons not participating full time both fall and spring:

Board (full)  
May Term only 
May Term (attended full time fall or spring) 


** Single room charges are higher.

*** Other Meal Plans

14 meals/week
7 meals/week

Additional costs for May-term meals may apply if student was not in full board both fall and spring.

Add the following estimates to the above fixed costs: books and supplies - $700; personal expenses
(i.e., health insurance, recreation, laundry, pocket money, etc.) - $1,000; transportation - variable.


Fall or Spring SST
Summer SST (attended full time both fall and spring) 
Summer SST (attended full time fall or spring) 
Summer SST (did not attend full time fall or spring)


There will be an extra cost for Cote d’Ivoire, Germany, China, Mali and Indonesia SST.

Additional costs for summer SST may apply if student was not in continuous board both fall and spring.

Other tuition rates and surcharges

Part-time fall and spring enrollment charges (except applied music)

One credit hour $340
Two credit hours $520
 Three credit hours  $720
Four credit hours  $920
Five credit hours  $1125
Six to eleven hours (and May term part-time) (per credit hour) $580
Extra hours above 15   (per credit hour)  $345

Full- and part-time

Independent study, per credit hour (tutoring)
Independent study, per credit hour (readings) 
Summer session

Finance charges
A deferred payment fee of $50 will be levied each semester the down payment is not made at check-in.
of 12 percent annually (1 percent per month) will be levied against charges unpaid 30 days after statements are  issued. Delinquent accounts may be sent to a collection agency. The student is responsible for all collection costs.

Other charges are made for special fees as follows

Audit fee, per hour
Auto registration, per semester, full-time
Auto registration, per semester, part-time
Credit by examination per hour
Credit for experience per hour 
Credit, through Voluntary Service per hour
Early enrollment tuition, per credit hour 
Examination out of schedule
Late registration
Transcripts of credit (after first) 
(Transcripts are released only after all accounts are paid in full)
Applied music course fee (students enrolled for six or more hours)
Applied music, two credit hours (students enrolled in less than six hours) 

GC Student Health and Accident Insurance Program
Single student per year 
Major Medical
Spouse per year 
Each dependent child per year: 
First child
Each additional child 
Health Center fee (per semester)
(Required for part-time students living in college housing and for part-time students purchasing GC Insurance; optional for part-time students enrolled in 6-11 hours living in non college housing.)

Standard payment plans

Plan #1 Payment in full* each semester at check-in. Part-time students and students whose balance due is less than $3,000 are expected to elect this plan.

Plan #2 Payment of $3,000* at check-in, with the balance in 30 days. After 30 days any unpaid charges will be subject to monthly interest charges and a $50 special arrangement fee.

Plan #3 Monthly Payment Plan: Contracts may be arranged with an outside agency, Academic Management Services, for a low-cost monthly payment program to extend throughout the year. The cost of the plan is $60, which includes Life Benefit Coverage. There are no interest charges. Contact the accounting office for information, or call AMS at (800) 635-0120.

Plan #4 Special arrangement: If none of the preceding plans fit your situation, you may submit a proposal that will be subject to the approval of the controller. If approved, a processing fee of $50 will be charged. A payment of at least $3,000* is required at the time of check-in each semester. After 30 days any unpaid charges will be subject to monthly interest charges.

*Students cannot check in and validate their registration for classes until full or initial payment is made under one of these plans. Scholarships, grants, discounts and Perkins, Federal Direct or other college loans will be credited to the student’s account and are not considered to be part of the down payment due at check-in. Private bank-loan checks and other outside checks may be counted toward the down payment if received on or before the day of check-in.

Note: It is not acceptable to check in without a payment and have a statement sent to parents so they can send a check. As an acceptable alternative, we suggest plan #2. Any exception to this policy will be granted only after careful evaluation of the individual situation, and the student will be charged a deferred payment fee of $50.

Note: It is the policy of Goshen College to report all students with outstanding balances to the credit bureau beginning when charges are 120 days past due and continuing until the balance is paid in full. In addition, delinquent accounts may be referred to a collection agency at any time after the account is 120 days past due. Collection costs on referred accounts are the responsibility of the student.

Goshen College refund policy

The following tuition refund rates apply to students who withdraw or are dismissed from the institution, change status from full time to part time, or reduce hours as a part-time student. Room and board refund rates apply to students who withdraw, are dismissed, or change from resident to commuter status.

Refund procedures:

Students who withdraw completely from the college initiate the process by contacting counseling services. Official contacts must also be made with the academic adviser, registrar, resident director (if dorm student), accounting office and student financial aid office. Students who reduce their hours of enrollment must contact their academic adviser and the registrar. Students with changes in housing or food-service contracts must contact the resident director and dining service. To receive credit for the unused board contract, the student’s ID and any unused munch money must be returned to the dining hall and the accounting office must be informed.

From the day of registration through the first week of classes (drop/add period), the student will receive a 100 percent refund on tuition. The refund percentage for the rest of the semester follows the federal regulations for refunding financial aid. From the eighth day of the semester, the refund percentage is calculated by counting the number of days left in the semester, divided by the total number of days in the semester. As in the federal formula, weekends and breaks are also counted except for scheduled breaks of at least five consecutive days. There is no refund after 60 percent of the semester is completed at which time 100 percent of aid is considered earned. A day-by-day refund schedule is posted in the accounting office and at https://www.goshen.edu/accounting/refund.html and a copy will be mailed upon request.

Room and board refund rates, following day 1, are prorated daily.

Refund rates for students enrolled in the May term only are the same as those listed above, but the 100 percent refund rate applies only to days 1 and 2 (drop/add period)..

A student financial aid recipient will have earned aid according to the formula listed above. Exceptions are during the 100 percent refund period, where no aid is earned since no costs are incurred. The full formula for determining the amount of Title IV federal aid that is earned, and how unearned portions are returned to the federal programs is outlined in CFR 668.22. Institutional aid earned is calculated according to the same procedures, with the exception that any credit left on the student’s account after the refund listed above will first pay back any current year loan owed to Goshen College.