Administrative Salary Ranking Tool
Revised on April 12, 2000

These eleven criteria are used to classify administrative and professional staff job levels.




Reports To

Supervision of

Internal Interaction


Indep. & Resp/ Judge.

Data Reports

Recruitment and

Research and
Development (R&D)



PhD Preferred. Masters Required. 5+ Closely Related Experience Required

President or Provost

Supervision of all in the Area Regular interaction with many departments with campus-wide effects. Frequent crucial contact with many publics. Sets the image. Responsible for all aspects of major division.Set & initiate institutional priorities Sets & monitors division budget Exceptional direct impactor oversight /leadership of RR&D Responsibility for R&D decisions impacting the long-term direction of a dept and affecting the entire campus

Broad, expert technical knowledge/ skills in particular. Knowledge of technology systems and ability to integrate this knowledge in new and creative ways



PhD Encouraged. Masters Preferred. BA Required. 5+ Closely Related Experience Required Level 1 Broad Supervision of Faculty and Staff Regular interaction which affects many depts. Frequent substantial contact with varied external publics. Responsible for dept. directions & progress. Develops policy within dept. Sets & monitors dept. budget. Develops reports which affects outside dept. Makes decisions based on own & others reports Significant direct impacton RR&D Shared responsibility for R&D decisions impacting long-term direction of a dept and affecting the entire campus Highly developed technical knowledge/ skills applied to critical systems


Masters Encouraged. Added Training Expected. BA Required. 3+ Related Experience Required Level 2 or 1 Staff and Some Faculty Regular interaction with significant effects on others Frequent contact with targeted external audience Works independently. Assumes initiative in problem solving. Participates in policy development. Responsible for dept. data analysis & reports. Decision making based on own reports.Some budgeting responsibility. Considerable impact on RR&D Participates in R&D projects affecting the entire campus and responsible for R&D projects that affect own dept or a portion of the larger campus Strong technical expertise/ skills in specialized areas


Added Training Encouraged BA Required. Related Experience Required Level 3 or 2 Staff and Students Frequent contact. Some effect on others Some contact with targeted audience Works with little supervision. Helps to solve problems within policy guidelines. Compiles reports & assembles data - some interpretational analysis Some direct impact on RR&D Works on R&D projects directed by others that affect own department and portions of campus General technical knowledge and some specialized skills


BA Preferred Related Experience Preferred Level 3 or 2 Students Limited effect on others Occasional contact Work directed by others. May participate in some problem solving. Gathers & records data and information. Minimal direct impact on RR&D Minimal or no R&D involvement Minimal technical knowledge