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Goshen, Ind.- Today Justin Gillette came to Goshen College so he could be interviewed by Write On Sports campers.Gillette spoke about how he has improved as a runner since he began running 17 years ago.

Gillette went on his first run Feb 14, 1996. His grandmother had just passed and he needed a relief. He ran down to Kacy’s general store,bought a donut then walked home.

Gillette continued as a runner and ran his first marathon when he was 16 he told his mother that he was going to visit his grandmother.

Gillette went to Goshen College and he ran a lot. He originally wanted to go to bethel but the coach said that he wasn’t good enough. Gillette then beat all the Bethel runners in competition.

Gillette has now run in over 100 races and has won 64. His best time is a 2:25:24. He wishes to get down to a 2:22 which is the old olympic trial time.

Goshen, IN — Today Justin Gillete came in to the Write On Sports newsroom. He was interviewed by Anthony Anderson, a reporter at the Elkhart Truth. Gillete came off as a competitive athlete.

“I want to be the best,” Gillete said.

Gillete has won 64 races. His fastest marathon time is 2:25:24. Gillete is the 5th fastest marathon runner in the world.

Gillete never slows down in a marathon.

” Do you think Micheal Jordan would play worse in the 4th quarter of the game?” Gillete said.

Gillete’s mom motivates him because she raised 3 children on her own as a single mom. People that doubt him motivate him because he wants to prove them wrong.

“I’m very happy with my win total.”

That’s what Marathon superstar, Justin Gillette told me when I interviewed him. Why does he say that? Well simply because he has an amazing win percentage of a little over 50%! He has 64 marathon wins and has had 62 other place finishes. In total he has run 126 marathons.

An even more amazing fact is that he is 5th in the world for the most marathon wins. He also is 2nd in the USA only behind Chuck Engle.

He told me “That he and Chuck Engle are very competitive because the track I’m on has me passing him by the end of my career.”

I’m not surprised that he will because of how much drive and dedication he has to be on top.

In his first Marathon Gillette finished 20th. It was impressive because he was only 16 years old. Even though he didn’t win it was a impressive because he was only a amateur marathon runner.

From 20th place to 64 wins, the marathon man Justin Gillette.

Justin Gillette ranked No. 2 in the country and No. 5 in the world for most marathon wins.

“A goal of mine is to get a 2:22 pace because that was  the qualifying pace for the Olympic Trials,” said Gillette.

Unfortunately that has changed to a 2:18 pace for qualification but Gillette said, “I still go for a 2:22 pace because just because something changes doesn’t mean you change. You never change your goals.”

It all started on February, 14 ,1996 when he was at his aunt’s house in Wynne, Arkansas. He ran 1 mile from his aunt’s house to the local general store and bought a doughnut. Although that seems strange it was the dawn of an era because that inspired him to start running.

Justin has always been inspired by his mother because she would work all day and then do some exercise. The hardest race Justin ever ran was a marathon in Memphis, Tennessee at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and he saw the children that were terminally ill and that broke his heart. He also had an injury from an incident with a chainsaw.

Justin literally has a miracle baby. Justin was supposed to go to the Boston Marathon but he had to stay to see his baby when she was born. Now he owes his baby his life.

Justin Gillette is a marathon runner. Today we interviewed him here at the Newcomer Center at the Goshen College. So now we know a little bit about him and his career.

Justin originally wanted to go to Bethel College, but his coach said that he wouldn’t and couldn’t excel at Bethel. So Justin came to Goshen College instead.

While going to Goshen, Justin’s skills were acknowledged when he won four races against the Bethel runners He said, “But I still wanted to go to Bethel.”

Justin explained his perspective of the improvement process. He explains how in the beginning of the process your improvement rating increases greatly. But after working for a few years, your improvement rating will start to even out. But he said, “I still improved a lot!”

Today July 9, 2013 10:00 am at the Goshen College Newcomer Center, Write On Sports had the opportunity to interview professional marathon runner Justin Gillette.  Justin Gillette started running February 14, 1996. He’s run 133 marathons. He finished 126, winning 64 first place and has placed others spots 62 times. What about the seven he didn’t finish?

I had the opportunity to talk to Justin about feelings before and after a race. Some of the words he used to describe the feeling were nervous, pumped, and excited. Justin said, “You’re really excited because you don’t know if you will finish or drop out.”

He also talked about how he knew he wasn’t going to finish those seven races. The feeling of I can’t do this set in. IS this what causes runners to drop out? “It’s really tiring and at the end you’re really thirsty.” said Justin.

There are many reasons for racers to drop out. Sometimes they are small like fatigue or thirst.