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Goshen, Ind. 7/10/13 — Yesterday, Write on Sports went to Notre Dame to interview Jewell Loyd. We talked to her about her basketball life. Loyd’s favorite thing about playing a game is being with her teammates and winning.

We asked Loyd what interested her in playing basketball. She said she loves her big brother, so she followed what he did.

“I did everything my brother did and so when he played basketball I did,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd talked about her pre-game routine, which she says she does it before every game.

“Before every game I watch Kobe (Bryant) highlights, drink apple juice, and then pray,” said Lloyd.

Jewell Loyd has many people to look up to coming into her sophomore year as a basketball player at the University of Notre Dame.

Loyd’s mom was a major role model in her life. Her mom was an English teacher who helped her with speaking in public. Her mom also helped her with her confidence on and off the court.

Loyd’s older brother also was a person that she looked up to. “Whatever my brother did, I did,” said Loyd yesterday at our interview. “If my brother played soccer, I played soccer.” Her brother was a great role model and motivator.

Loyd also looks up to some famous professional basketball players like Kobe Bryant and Skylar Diggins. Loyd said she watches Kobe highlights before each game. “Skylar is like a big sister to me,” said Loyd. No mater how successful or good people are, everyone always has people they look up to.

NOTRE DAME, Ind.–Jack Nolan, Notre Dame athletic broadcaster, thinks that academics are equal to athletics at Notre Dame.

Yesterday during an interview with the students of Write on Sports camp, Nolan told the students that one of the reasons he enjoys working at Notre Dame is that the athletes are “student athletes,” meaning that school comes before sports.

“They try to get you to succeed in everything,” Nolan said.

Notre Dame helps their athletes by giving them a plan in case their career as an athlete doesn’t turn out like they hoped.

“It helps the athletes face the music,” Nolan said.

Students who play sports don’t just practice their athletics during the day, they also attend a variety of classes, all of which help them learn important things that can help them in life such as speaking in front of large crowds. Nolan explained that many of their athletes are very successful in life, with careers such as CEOs of companies or lawyers.

South Bend, Ind.–Who is going to win, the Cougars or Silver Hawks? A lot of people were questioning themselves during the intense game. With both teams being really good and both teams having a lot of fans, everyone was excited.

The first person to bat was Gioskar Amaya who was playing for the Cougars. While his turn batting Amaya got out. Later on it was Jeimer Candelario’s, who was the fourth batter on the team, turn to bat. He got 3 balls and 2 strikes. Then after his bad start he hit the pitched ball really hard and got a home run. In that first round of the Cougars batting they got 2 home runs.

First batter for the Silver Hawks was Fidel Pena. He got out after 3 balls and 2 strikes. Later on Brandon Dury was next and he was the fourth batter on the team. Dury hit the ball and while the Cougars were after it Brito, which was on first base, went for home and he made it. The first round of the Hawks made two home runs.

During the third turn of the Hawks batting they scored a home run. In the fourth round niether teams made any scores. The game ended with the Silver Hawks win of 7-2.

SOUTH BEND, Ind.– Yesterday, July 10, 2013 around 4:00 pm, Write On Sports had the opportunity to interview three Silverhawks players pre-game. Fidel Pena is #23 and plays infielder, Alex Glenn #28 is an outfielder, as well as Pitcher #19 Jesse Darrah. They explained how they work hard during training so they are prepared for the games.

The Players warmed up with the catchers playing a game of catch, batting practice for the batters, a run for the whole group, and many drills. They started warmups at 1:00 pm and they don’t go home until after 11:00 pm.

Pitching Coach Wellington Cepeda talked about how most people think the players get there a little before the game. That’s not the case. Cepeda said, “It’s like a regular job.”

Some of the players work out or ice their muscles after a game to cool down.

The players went into the game prepared. They explained their feelings in two words: ready and excited.

They went into the game against Kane County Cougars with a positive outlook and ended with a positive outcome. Silverhawks prevailed 7-2.

Jack Nolan always knew he wanted to be a reporter.

When Nolan was just nine years old he was going to Red Sox games and was using his own recorder to record what he thought about the game. He even eventually started giving out stat sheets to all the people in his section.

Once in high school Nolan decided to join the school newspaper. He then also decided he wanted to be a sports announcer because he knew he wasn’t good enough to play in the major leagues or in college. Nolan stated it’s a way to stay with sports.

After he graduated from the University of Missouri in 1981 he worked for WNDU-AM from 1982-1999. Before doing WNDU he worked at the Atlanta station CNN as an anchor and sports producer. Now he is the voice of Notre Dame.

Who would have thought someone so successful started as a little boy with a dream and a tape recorder?

Jack Nolan is definitely qualified to be an announcer.

Nolan’s first announcing job came when he was nine years old. He would record himself announce Boston Red Sox baseball games and later play them for everyone to hear over the loud speaker on his train rides home.

He did admit his announcing job for the Red Sox was self proclaimed. He would also hand out players stats for everyone in his section to read before the game.

Nolan would not have been able to put his early childhood recordings on his resume.

But he could put that he worked for his high school newspaper and got a job as a news anchor for a local CNN station in Atlanta right out of college.

Nolan worked for CNN less than a year before being offered a job to co-host WNDU-AM’s popular radio sports talk show in 1982. He was on the show until 1999.

At the same time Nolan started doing play-by-play for Notre Dame men’s basketball games and has been doing that for Notre Dame on TV or radio for more than 32 years.

NOTRE DAME, Ind.–Yesterday the Write on Sports camp got to interview Jewell Loyd on the Notre Dame campus.

Loyd, of the Notre Dame women’s basketball team, talked with the students from the Write on Sports camp. One thing that she talked about was her pre-game ritual that includes watching “Kobe highlights,” drinking apple juice at the bench, followed by a prayer.

Also in the interview was Jack Nolan, voice of Notre Dame athletics. A few times during the interview Nolan referred to Loyd’s calm and humble interview style, which Loyd credited to her mom.

Even when Loyd won the Freshman of the Year award this past season at Notre Dame, she was able to keep a humble attitude.

At the end of the interview students were able to ask questions of Loyd and get a strong feel of her humble personality on and off the court.

GOSHEN, Ind– Today an interview was conducted with marathon runner Justin Gillette. This was a part of the Write on Sports summer camp held at Goshen college. Gillette shared about how his family has supported him throughout his carer as a runner.

February 14th 1996 was a very important day for Gillette, it was the first day he started running.That day his grandmother has passed away.

“I needed to clear my head,” Gillette said.

He ran one mile to the local general store where he bought a donut and then walked home. Afterwards Gillette continued to run and it eventually became his carer.

According to Gillette his mother was one of his greatest inspirations for running as well. His mother was a single parent raising Gillette and his two siblings. She managed to work hard while still making exercise important, and Gillette grew up learning to love exercise.

One of Gillette’s favorite parts of running marathon was being able to travel with his family. Gillette is excited for January 14th 2014, during this time Gillette and his family will be traveling to the Bahamas for a marathon.

Gillette’s family is very supportive of his carer, especially his wife who is also a marathon runner. Even his two year old son is supportive of his running.

“If I had a bad day my son Miles would say something like, ‘ it’s okay, daddy, you’re faster than Miles,’” Gillette said.

Justin Gillette explained how he stays healthy and trains for marathons during an interview with Elkhart Truth sports journalists Anthony Anderson at the Goshen Write On Sports Camp.

Even for an experienced marathon runner like Gillette, a marathon is extremely hard, but there are a few things Gillette and similar runners do to make the race easier.

Gillette watches his diet very closely and may run up to one hundred and eighty miles a week during the offseason. He also tries to get lots of rest and stretch multiple times a day to prevent pulling or straining a muscle.

For Gillette staying healthy is the main way to stay competitive for example, during the main seasons for marathon running, spring and fall, he may run seventy to eighty miles a week while taking an ice bath every other way.

Gillette was not shy to point out he is 5th in the world and 2nd in the U.S. in marathon wins thus showing his competitive spirit.

Gillette has many goals for the future. He assured us he would someday be number one in the U.S. in marathon wins, and and achieve a personal best marathon time of two hours and twenty two minutes. He would also like to hold the world record for marathon wins.

Goshen, Ind.- Today a professional marathon runner named Justin Gillette came to Write on Sports. In an interview Gillette talked about how he is off season right now but is training very hard.

Gillette said that every week of the off season he runs 135 to 150 miles. But when he’s in season he only runs about 70 miles to prepare for a marathon.

To relax his legs muscles he fills his bathtub with ice. He stays in the tub until the ice melts.

Gillette takes about four Go’s, an energy gel food, before a marathon as well as during a marathon. Gillette also takes Go’s during his training.

So Gillette wont get hurt he stretches a lot before and after running. All of these things have helped him be the best runner he can be.

You may have heard of the famous professional marathon runner Justin Gillette. The 30-year-old man who makes his living running marathons has won 64 marathons out of his 126 completed. You might be wondering how can you make a living running marathons. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to meet him and interview him.

Justin lives an average middle class life. He doesn’t make lots of money but he knows how to use it wisely. “It doesn’t matter how much you make,” said Justin,” it’s how much you spend.”

Justin also gets many sponsors because of all his success. He has running sponsors like Marathon Man, GU and other companies that give him money or products like energy GU and treadmills.

Also Justin plans ahead so that if he will get the money in time to pay bills, because the prize money can take from 4 to 6 months to get to his house.

It may not seem possible that you could make a living running marathons, but Justin Gillette can do it.