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Montclair State University (New Jersey) and Goshen College (Indiana). Two completely different places share a common interest, teaching students about Sports Journalism. This is the first year for the Goshen College Campus.

673.2 miles away from Goshen a camp just like ours is going on. Teaching the exact same foundations for sports journalism, at the same time too. The fact that both camps are doing the same thing right now amazes me.

Write on Sports is a great program encouraging students to write by writing about sports. This program is fantastic because it allows students like me, and students all the way in New Jersey to be connected. Learning the same things, doing the same projects. It is really cool.

There are three Write On Sports camps. Two in New Jersey and one on the Goshen College campus going on right now.


Once a swimmer, now a basketball superstar.

That’s what Tim Duncan is. When he was a kid he was a big swimmer until his local pool was broken by Hurricane Hugo in 1989, and then he started up basketball after that.He sure is lucky he did. He is now one of the best power forwards of all time, and he led the spurs to 4 NBA championships (National Basketball Association).
He almost led them to their 5th championship this year, but they lost to the Miami Heat in 7 games.

He has also won the MVP award twice in his career. He’s 1 of 2 international players to do that, the other player being Steve Nash.

Last year Duncan signed a 3 year contract with the Spurs. He said that once the contract expires he will retire. Going into the 2nd year of the contract he’s looking to take the Spurs back to the championship and this time win it for their 5th title since Duncan came to the Spurs.

From a local pool to a NBA superstar, Tim Duncan is an all time great.

Goshen,Ind.- Today Natalie Newell came by Write on Sports to talk about her softball  career. She talked about how she focuses on her softball career by practicing a lot.

Newell, a Bethel College pitcher, beat her coaches record in the most strike outs. Her coach was proud of her as Newell has become one of the best pitchers in Northern Indiana.

In order to get there she practices 2-4 times a week in the summer. When she’s in school she practices every day. When she is practicing on pitching she practices about one hour. When she practices pitching and does other things, she practices for about two hours. Then when she is hitting it takes her about 30-45 minutes to practice.

Before a game Newell’s gets very serious and quite. She thinks about what she needs to accomplish.


Goshen Ind.–Bethel pitcher Natalie Newell has definitely grown as a softball player since she started 12 years ago.

When Newell was in 3rd grade her mom got a call from Goshen Little League saying they needed more players and asked if her two daughters wanted to join. Her mom made her start at first but from then on Newell had a love for softball.

In high school she played for the softball team. She had always thought about playing basketball but decided that she wanted to focus on softball and academics. She also thought about going to a big name college so she could play against some of the best girl players but decided to go to Bethel because of her strong faith and her love for softball.

Now she is a junior in college and a top ranked offensive and defensive player. She has learned to have fun and enjoy her teammates. During the season she practices every day, and on the off season she practices 2-4 times a week for up to 2 hours. She still has a love for the sport and stated, “Softball isn’t something I have to do. It’s something I get to do.”

Natalie Newell is a junior softball pitcher at Bethel College. Today the Write on Sports camp interviewed her here at the Newcomer Center at Goshen College.

Newell has basic routines for every part of softball. Before a game, before she even steps onto the mound, she gets quiet and thinks about how the game might be.

Newell says she is superstitious, which means she thinks that everything has to be exactly the same every time otherwise the results will be different. Every time she pitches she circles the mound, pivots on her right foot, and then she throws the ball.

Newell practices during the school year and during the summer. During the school year, she routinely practices every day. During the summer, she practices only two or three times a week.

These little routines are what makes Newell a successful pitcher at Bethel. These are the little things that can have big effects.

GOSHEN, Ind.–Today softball player for Bethel College Natalie Newell was interviewed by the students of Write on Sports summer camp at Goshen College. The students were told how Newell balances her softball with her schoolwork.

Newell has done an excellent job of showing that her sports do not interfere with her schoolwork. Newell works hard to make sure assignments are done and ready to be turned in by the due date, even if it means working on the assignment during the bus trip to an away game.

Newell has received awards not only for her softball but also for her academics. One of the awards she has that she is most proud of is her Academic All-American award which combines school and athletics.

Newell is remembered by many for her softball, but has said that she would rather be remembered f0r being a great scholar and role model. She understands that sports are important to her but she needs to have good grades in order to be able to do what she loves.

GOSHEN Ind.- This morning, July 15,2013 at approximately 10:30 am, Write on Sports had the opportunity to interview Natalie Newell.

Natalie Newell is a pitcher at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana. She is an athlete who takes both her game and her grades very seriously.

I talked with Newell about her Academic All-American award. She talked about how important time management is in completing your work. Earlier in the camp we were able to go to Notre Dame and interview athlete Jewell Loyd. She also talked about how one of the big changes from high school to college was academics.

The similarities between the two don’t stop there. Even though Loyd plays basketball and Newell plays softball, they both talked about the differences between high school and college games in closely related ways.

One of the ways both described a change in their sport was the speed of the game. They both said that the game was faster and there were no breaks. The two players also described a change in the size of the girls. They were bigger, faster, and stronger. Newell talked about how the harder game “challenged me to step up my game.”

The two players are from different colleges and play different sports. Yet, they have the same thoughts about the change. Are the two players really that different after all?

Natalie Newell takes her education very seriously. She is getting her degree in Elementary Education at Bethel College in Mishawaka, IN. She plays softball at Bethel as well.

Newell uses time management to get her work done during the year because during the softball season it can get pretty tight. She often gets her homework done on the bus to away games. She makes time in between classes and softball.

Newell also knows how to prioritize. She puts education before softball. Newell earned the All-American Academic award last year. She knows what needs to get done first.

Newell wants to have a good education and a degree more than she wants to play softball. “For me being able to play softball is just the cherry on top,” said Newell. For Newell softball is just a bonus because she takes her education very seriously.

Newell is a great softball player as well as a hard worker. She should be looked up to by many young individuals.

GOSHEN, Ind.- Star pitcher for Bethel Natalie Newell values her education over softball.

“Being able to play softball is like the cherry on top,” is what Newell told Write on Sports campers earlier this morning.

Some college athletes can find it hard to find time for school during athletics, but not Natalie. She said that it’s huge to be able to find that balance. She speaks the truth because sometimes she even has to do her homework on the bus going and coming back from games.

To show that she works hard on the field as well as in the classroom, she won the Academic All-American award this past year at Bethel.

“It was the best award I have ever won,” said Newell.

After graduating from Bethel in 2015 she looks to use her degree in Elementary Education.


Natalie Newell has set the pitching record of 15-7 beating her coach. But it all started with basketball. Newell wanted to play basketball but one day a coach from a local Little League softball team called to ask if Newell and her sister wanted to join and Newell’s mother said yes.

Now Newell plays for the Bethel College Pilots and the upgrade in the team’s performance and the game speed challenges Newell to upgrade her game and how she plays it.

Natalie is inspired by her parents and Jenny Finch. She is inspired by Finch’s quote, “Dream big and believe.”

How would you describe perfection? Perfection is something you have to work for. The Silver Hawks worked hard enough to reach perfection. Write on Sports camp went to one of their games against the Cougars. Not everything was perfect, but it was still a great game.

One perfection was how the batters didn’t always swing at the ball. They waited for the perfect opportunity to swing and hit the ball. Not every strike is made from swinging and missing the ball. But it’s certainly better than swinging and missing three times in a row.

The second perfection was the outfielders. It’s truly amazing how perfectly they could catch a ball. They catch the ball with incredible accuracy.

The third perfection was the pitcher’s throws. Some of them were really fast. Some of them may have curved. It takes a lot of practice to be able to control the ball so easily.

In the end, the Silver Hawks won 7-2. But that wasn’t the most important thing about the game. They’re still in the minor league. But if they work hard enough, they have a chance at making it to the major league.

As a child Jack Nolan was very into sports in his home town of Boston.  He would take a tape recorder and do his own “broadcast” on the games of the Boston Red Sox and Celtics.

Later on, after the games Nolan would stand in the middle of the park and play his “broadcastings” and although people would laugh and joke at him he was determined.

A reason that Nolan wanted to be a broadcaster was because he thought it sounded like “fun.”

Nolan wanted to become a broadcaster because he was very talkative. “I like to talk,” said Nolan.

Although he likes to talk freely Nolan knows that in order to have this career you have to be a good writer.

“The key to communication–any communication–is good writing,” says Nolan.