Editing a page


The Visual Editor

  1. Once logged into the website you can get to a page to edit it by either:
    • Clicking the Edit Page link in the gray bar at the top of the page you wish to edit or
    • From the Dashboard screen, clicking of the the Pages links and find the desired page in the page listing.
  2. Once at the edit screen, make the desired changes in the edit window. You may click the Preview Changes button to view your changes before clicking the Update button to make those changes permanent. Once the changes are updated/saved, you can click View Page below the title field to review the changes as well.


  • If not all options are appearing in the edit window, you may need to click the kitchen sink button (or use the keyboard shortcut alt + shift + Z).
  • If you are seeing a bunch of strange code when editing the page, you may be in the HTML editor. Click the Visual tab at the top.