Homepage explained

A typical department’s homepage is comprised of 3 main areas:


Where does this show up?The slideshow is comprised of large, compelling images which reflect their concisely-worded captions. These images are also links into your site which can link to:

  • an overview page of the department
  • a news, feature, or event item
  • a page about a specific program

You can create many more slides than you’ll use at one time, rotating some in and out to give the page the feeling of being updated and “fresh.” Images used in this rotation should be clear (don’t try to use a low-res or blurry photo) and should be cropped to best highlight the subject(s) in the photo.

Quick Tabs

Quick Tabs is a new feature on the homepage that provides easy access to a department’s basic information below the slideshow images. The tabs include the following four categories:

News & Features

News & Features are created using Posts, as Posts are of a timely and transient nature. New articles replace older ones that are then only available in an archive page.

Each entry in this section is comprised of a thumbnail photo, the article’s title, and a small blurb about the article. The thumbnail and title link to the full version of the article. The 3-5 most recent articles are displayed here. Older news is available in a news archive page.

There are several ideas for potential articles for this area available on the Writing for the Web tutorial page.

Department Overview

This tab allows visitors a quick look at what each department offers at Goshen College. This description is typically a summery of the Department Overview page of each department.

Academic Programs

The Academic Programs tab shows visitors what programs of study the department has to offer and links to the online course catalog for each major, minor, and/or concentration of the department.

Meet the Faculty

Our faculty are one of the highlights of most of our academic programs and a listing is included in the “quick links” section for easy navigation.

The core content of an academic department’s website is located in the navigation on the left of the page and are created using the Page structure. Pages in the navigation should be more of a static nature and relevant for the entire semester if not at least a year. If it is content that is more time sensitive, consider making it a news article (post). For help creating or managing the department’s menu, visit the Menu page.