Add slide to homepage

  1. Mark the article as slideshow in the category section.
  2. Add an excerpt to the post of appropriate length. The excerpt is the text that will be used along the bottom of the slide and should entice people to read the full article.
  3. If you haven’t already done so, upload the photo to the post which you wish to use as the main image of the slide.
  4. In the WP Post Thumbnail section towards the bottom of the edit screen:
    1. Select the slideshow tab.
    2. Select the photo you wish to use to create the thumbnail image
    3. Drag the box to an appropriate crop for your thumbnail
    4. Click the Save Thumbnail button.
    5. Although not a requirement, clicking the Edit optional settings link and giving the thumbnail image a title and an alt tag can help with search engine optimization–drawing more people to the page in which this image is placed.