Customizing your blog appearance

While we do want the look and feel of our blogs to be consistent with the rest of the GC website (i.e. fonts, colors, etc.) you have access to a few customizable options. Blog editors can make these customizations by logging in and going to Appearance -> Goshen Options.

Change the theme color

Each blog will default to green, but you can change the theme color to yellow, blue, and orange.

Change the banner image

Each blog needs to have a specific banner image. You’ll want to find a large image (more than 1200px wide) that will fit well in a wide frame. If you are familiar with photoshop you can make this image yourself. Otherwise ask for assistance from the GC web designer/developer or graphic/designer. The image needs to be 1200px by 250px and should display relative text (ideal font would be Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No.20). Upload this image to your blog at Media -> Add New. Once uploaded, copy the FILE URL and paste it into the Goshen Options page and ‘Save Changes’.

Add author portraits to blog titles

This option is 100% optional and only recommended for blogs with multiple authors. Check this box if you would like the author portrait to show up next to the post title.

NOTE: Before using this feature you must make sure you’ve notified the GC web developer and have provided the username of each blog user (potential authors).
For The Web Developer: Portraits (these can be taken from gc-online) need to be saved in wp-content/themes/blog/images/portrait/ as username.jpg

Remove social media buttons

By default social media buttons are displayed alongside blog titles so that the posts can be shared with the rest of the world. In some cases this may not be ideal, so you can use this checkbox to remove these buttons from your blog.