Creating/Managing Menus

Changing the menu on the left side of your page can help people navigate your page effectively. To add, rearrange, or subtract items from the menu list, select “Menu” found under the “Appearance” tab at the gray bar at the top of the WordPress site.

  1. Create a menu name (usually just the name of the site) and save it.
  2. Select the menu you just named from the drop down in the “Theme Locations” section and save.
  3. In the “Pages” section, select the pages that you wish to represent in the site’s menu and click “Add to Menu.” These will display in a stack of movable bars on the right that allow you to organize the hierarchy of the pages by dragging each bar to the right.

To create a heading within a menu to distinguish a section (one that does not link to page, as seen on this site’s menu), you can create a custom link in the “Custom Links” section on the left. In the URL field, type a pound sign and thenĀ  include the name of the section in the label field. Once that is added to the menu and positioned correctly, click the down arrow next to “custom” on the right and remove the pound sign from the URL field.


You may want to update your page structure to reflect the menu setup. A Parent Page represents one of the major categories of pages in a particular website; for example, the “Majors & Minors” page on the Biology site would be the parent for “Biology,” Environmental Science,” “Pre-Med,” etc. You can designate these Parent Pages and in either the Quick Edit tab on the Dashboard or in the Page Attributes section of an Edit Page.