Using WordPress with an iPad

There are two ways to access your WordPress site using an iPad. You can either use WP from the Safari browser (this will feel similar to using WP in your computer’s web browser) or you can download the free WordPress iPad app ->

Note: There are several limitations to using WP from an iPad including minimal photo support and several administrative restrictions from the Dashboard. Because of this it is highly recommended that blog editors have at least some access to a computer.

 Things you cannot do with the iPad:

  • Upload photo galleries
  • Use the ‘Visual’ mode when writing, which normally hides the HTML code when creating posts and is familiar to the browser version. Instead you will always be in HTML mode (the code will be visible).

iPads currently have little support for uploading and handling photos, so you may want inform the GC web developer in advance if you plan on using an iPad to upload photos.

When to use the WP app (it’s easier to use)

  • To write, edit, and delete posts/pages
  • To upload and insert photos (can’t align)
  • To monitor comments

 When to access WP from the Safari browser (it has more functionality)

  • To insert and align photos (can’t upload)
  • To access the Dashboard, change appearance options, etc.
  • Pretty much anything else the App can’t do.

 How to access your blog with WP app

Install the app from the iTunes App store and at the intro screen that reads, “Start blogging from your iPad in seconds” -> select Add self-hosted WordPress blog.

Username: username
Password: password

Geo-tagging can be turned off.

How to access WordPress from the browser

You can login to the WordPress dashboard by typing into the address bar (blogname is the name of your blog)