Adding an Image

  1. Place the cursor in the text at the spot where you would like to add your image (for images in the right column, it typically works best to place the cursor at the beginning of the body text in the section you want to place it.)
  2. Click the Upload/Insert button (top left corner above post area).
  3. Select photos from your computer that you’d like to be shown with this post.
  4. Next to the Link URL you may select a button to determine what will happen if a user clicks on the image:
    • None—will not link the image to anything
    • File URL— will link the image to its full-size version
    • Post URL—will link the image to the post or article it is associated with
    • You may also manually write a web address to link to any web page.
  5. Select the desired alignment for the image.
  6. Select the desired size for your image—the ‘medium’ size will display nicely with text when the image is left or right aligned.
  7. If you only uploaded one image, click Insert into Post.

Right Column Image

The current theme of the website incorporates a specific style for images within webpages that places them in a right column alongside the text.

  1. Insert the image into the page with no specified alignment (ideally in front of the first line of body content)
  2. Click on the image and then on the Edit Image icon at the top left corner.
  3. Select Advanced Settings, remove the width and height dimensions of the image, and enter “rightcol” into the “CSS Class” field.
  4. Click Save All Changes

Adding a Gallery of Images

  1. Click the Upload/Insert button (top left corner above post area).
  2. Select photos from your computer that you’d like to be shown with this post.
  3. After uploading the desired images click Save all Changes
  4. Along the top row of tabs a new tab will appear, Gallery tab, click it.
  5. To insert the gallery select Insert Gallery.

Cropping/Resizing Images

To resize the image within WordPress, you have a few options.

  1. Once the image has been uploaded to the gallery, click “Show”, and then the “Edit Image” button beneath the thumbnail of the image.
  2. The options above the full image allow you to crop, rotate, or flip the image. These changes can be applied to all image sizes, the thumbnail only, or all sizes but the thumbnail, which you can select on the bottom right.
  3. To crop an image, click on the image and drag the box to the correct size (the dimensions will appear on the right). Click the crop icon to finalize the selection and then click save.

*Note: If the image you are working with is very large, you will need to scale the image using the “Scale” tab on the right. A typical size for an image in the right column is 153 x 214.


To add captions underneath your photos:

  1. Click the show link to the right of an photo to reveal options for editing it. You can change the title, caption, and description for a photo.
  2. After making changes to all of the photos you’d like to click the save all changes button that is located after the list of photos.