Uploading Photos and Using Photo Galleries

Inserting Photos into the Post

Photos are a great way to make your posts more interesting and should be used in every post if possible, but there are a few things you should know.

  • For blogs, typically you’ll only want to insert 1 photo into the post and the rest of the photos should be included in the gallery (see below) at the bottom of the post. This makes reading the post content much easier and helps to avoid formatting issues.
  • Resize your photos! WordPress automatically will resize your images to be web-friendly (photos for websites need to be much smaller than the photos that will come from your camera). Before you ‘insert into post’ make sure to set the size to medium.
  • The best way to insert a photo into your post is to have it in the top-right corner of the post. To do this, before selecting ‘upload/insert’, add/type the text content and then move your text cursor to the very beginning of the post (before the first word). Then ‘upload/insert’ and make sure alignment is set to right.
  • Don’t try to copy and paste an image into the post, always use the ‘upload/insert’ button.
  • Try to include a short caption with each photo, which you can add in the “caption” box when posting the photo.

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Photo Galleries

We want you to upload photos, and galleries are the best place to put them! To add a gallery, use the ‘upload/insert’ option and select the photos you wish to use. Do NOT insert these photos in the post. Instead ‘save all changes’ and then ‘insert gallery’ from the gallery tab.

  • Galleries should always show up at the bottom of the post. Before uploading/inserting a gallery, make sure your text cursor is at the bottom of the post.
  • Always set the Columns option to 6.
  • You can go back and update a gallery with more photos even after the post has been published.
  • You do not have to worry about resizing the photos for galleries.

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