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The Goshen College Theater Department produces a variety of shows, including Mainstages, evenings of One Acts, Peace Plays (a biennial contest of original works), and Senior Recitals. In addition to these shows, the department hosts guest lecturers as part of the Roy H. Umble Master Class.

  • Grace Eidmann’s Senior Recital – Semillas Seeds

    Selections Entrevistas Chimbotanas by Grace Eidmann Act I: The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufmann No Blood in His Feet by Anna Deavere Smith Act II: The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufmann Wa Wa Wa and Mexican Stand Off by Anna Deavere Smith Act III: The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufmann   Cast Grace Eidmann Jenna […]

  • Discovery Channels – Derek Koch

  • The Saint Plays, Nov. 2008

    A collection of Erik Ehn's "Saint Plays" as our fall mainstage production.

  • ‘Here to Serve You’ and ’29 Questions’, Oct. 2008

    Following two years of submissions from across the country, the winners of the department of theater's Peace Play competition take the stage.

  • Quilters, May 2008

    The GC music and theater departments collaborate through the direction of Debra Brubaker and Doug Liechty Caskey to bring you the stories, dances and songs of pioneer women that lead to the creation of their quilts.

  • Absolutely! {perhaps}, Mar. 2008

    Set in a small town where gossip is an everyday practice, the locals attempt to understand the peculiarities of the mysterious new residents in this dark comedy of truth, reality and insanity.

  • Street Scenes: A Collection of One Acts and Opera Scenes

    A Collection of One Acts and Opera Scenes, including "The Big Black Box," "Red Carnations," and "Token to the Moon."

  • Step on a Crack, Nov. 2007

    Ellie Murphy, a young girl, and her imaginary friends, Lana and Frizbee, launch into a fantasy world as Ellie seeks to escape real life problems.

  • Fall One Acts 2007

    The two plays "How The War Started" and "Picnic On The Battlefield" offer both a darkly comical and thought-provoking look at everyday people affected by conflicts large and small.

  • ‘The Sea Gull’, March 2007

    The play explores the tensions between our need for other people and our oblivious lack of attention to those around us; our proximity to others along with our inability to connect to them.

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