Fall One Acts 2009

GC Theater Department’s “Think For Yourself” season 2009-2010.

TRIFLES by Susan Glaspell, directed by Senior Sarah Noah, depicts a farmhouse murder investigation based on a true story. Glaspell’s play exposes the oversight of the male investigators who believe that the mystery couldn’t possibly be solved in the “trifles” of the kitchen. But the women tagging along decide to think for themselves and come to learn that the men in this case don’t have all the answers.

THE STILL ALARM by George S. Kaufman, directed by junior Laura Nimigan, begins with a burning hotel! But the hotel guests in this British-style understated comedy are anything but alarmed. What can happen if you DON’T think for yourself.

ACHILLES’ HEEL, written and directed by junior Patrick Ressler, is a touching and comical musical theater scene that brings together two high school seniors who have very different perspectives on their first childhood “romantic” encounter as second graders. Thinking for yourself sometimes requires you to listen to and respect the vantage points of others.