Tim Landes '13Tim Landes is a senior art major from Hilltown, Pa. Meet more Goshen students and read their stories.


After he graduated from high school, Tim volunteered for a year of service in Albuquerque, N.M. When the year was up, he headed for Goshen College.

“I had always been thinking about continuing my education after service, so I started asking around. I heard a lot of good things from friends I knew at Goshen, so I decided to give it a try.”

Upon his arrival, Tim realized he could do everything he loves — and more.

“I like to make things, and I’ve always enjoyed building, so I decided to be an art major and work with sculpture. Then I also started thinking a lot about the environment and sustainability, so I took an environmental science class. When I make art, I think about the elements of nature as visual, and about my own environmental impact.”


Tim’s sculptures are made from all recycled materials. Some he buys from the junkyard, and some he just finds on the street. Just as Goshen College values peaceful stewardship of the environment, Tim is exploring sustainability through art.

“With all of the art I make, I think I should be aware of its environmental impact. I like to let the material inspire the sculpture, because I see a lot of aesthetic beauty in nature and in raw, found materials.”

This personal style developed as a result of Tim’s small, intimate classes and the mentorship of his professors.

“My studio classes give me a lot of freedom to work on personal ideas and to follow my own set of values within the field. Learning directly from teachers who are accomplished artists themselves means that I can learn a lot about both making art and thinking about a career.”


Even as an undergraduate, Tim is already submitting his work to exhibits and starting to make a name for himself.

“There are a lot of artists working in Goshen, and the area has a high appreciation for the arts. I’ve submitted to juried shows both locally and regionally, and have even sold a couple pieces.”

But he’s not done. In the future, when he’s not out exploring the world’s greatest mountain ranges and national forests, Tim dreams of joining an artist’s guild and even starting his own studio.

“I think art can become a way of life. I would like to make it into a business for myself, but it’s most important to me that I let materials and ideas guide my creativity.”

– written by Anna Ruth ’12, photos by Alex Pletcher ’14

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