Meet Lauren


Lauren has a way with words. At Goshen College, she’s using her passion for storytelling to work for peace.

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Meet David

David Harnish

From the halls of a Peruvian elementary school to the high school history classroom where he worked as a student teacher, David is inspiring his students to be passionate learners.

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Meet Cora

Cora Broaddus

When Cora came to Goshen College, she entered a world of opportunities. Now, she’s chosen to be a writer, and is learning the ins and outs of editing and working hard to improve her skills.

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Meet Tim


After a year of voluntary service, Tim came to Goshen College to pursue art. Now, his sculptures are winning awards and saving the planet.

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Meet Abi


Abi is one of our 950+ diverse peacemakers, who dreams of using art to inspire social change. With a grant from the business department, he’s well on the way to making it happen.

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Meet Emily


Whether Emily is leading worship in a church with her peers, performing a solo piano piece or taking photos for the school newspaper, Goshen College has been the perfect place for her to get involved.

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Meet Daisy

Daisy Gaspar

Since middle school, Daisy Gaspar has known she wanted to be a teacher. She is now a first-generation college student that is getting closer and closer to fulfilling that dream.

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Meet Becca

Becca Yoder ’13

Becca knows that peace starts at home, but also has a passion for people around the world. At Goshen College she has volunteered at a local clinic and organized an awareness project about Israel/Palestine.

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Meet Hannah

Hannah Eberly

Whether Hannah is initiating a campus composting project, studying nursing or working with the homeless, Goshen College has been the perfect place for her to figure out what is important and to take action.

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Meet Benjamin

Benjamin Kelly

Benjamin has been able to combine his love for baseball and broadcasting while at Goshen College as he catches for the baseball team and works for the Best College Radio Station in the Nation.

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