Nate Manning '12Nate Manning is a 2012 graduate from Middleville, Mich., with an interdisciplinary major (focusing on physical education, music in worship and youth ministry). Meet more Goshen students and read their stories.


Goshen College is Christ-centered at the core, and students come from all kinds of faith backgrounds. Nate grew up in the Baptist church, and easily found a place for himself at Goshen.

“If I were at a college where everyone believed the same thing I do, how would I grow? Here, I’ve been challenged to name my own beliefs and to learn from others.”

Plus, there’s basketball.

“I feel like God has really used me on the basketball team. Sports are an awesome way to connect with people, and I have so much fun just playing the game.”


Nate stays active off the court, too. Whether helping to lead music at a Midnight Worship event or behind the scenes organizing a Red Cross blood drive, Nate is involved all over campus.

“I was a resident assistant in the dorms, and got to know so many people that way. I help out with music in chapel services, and have performed in a bunch of Kick-Off acts. I love being able to do it all.”

He certainly can do it all. Nate’s academic focuses in physical education, music in worship and youth ministry work together for an education that fuels all of his passions.


With experience in leadership, athletics, performance and more, Nate is convinced that after four years at Goshen College, he doesn’t have to choose just one thing.

“What I want in my life is not only to ‘do this’ or ‘do that.’ I want to connect with people and talk about faith, and there are so many ways to do that. Basketball is just the beginning.”