Henry StewartHenry Stewart is a junior music and molecular biology/biochemistry double major from Lancaster, Pa. Meet more Goshen students and read their stories.


As a scientist and a musician, Henry wanted all aspects of his education to be challenging and hands-on. He found that Goshen College expects nothing less.

“The undergrad research opportunities are unbelievable. Because of the small classes, anyone who wants the experience can get it, and that’s just not as easy at a bigger school.”


As a liberal arts college, Goshen gives students a chance to try anything. Even with two majors and a busy schedule, Henry has not had to sacrifice any of his interests.

“I’m a music composition major, but I’ve also had so many performance opportunities. I’m not a great flute player, but I can still play in the orchestra. I joined choir just because I want to.”

Henry’s inspiration? His professors.

“We have outstanding people in both the music and science departments. My profs could be teaching in much larger, more prestigious schools, but they’re here because they want to be and I’m lucky enough to have them.”

Henry’s professors are pretty proud of him too. After entering his original composition in an international competition, Henry became the only undergraduate semi-finalist. He flew to London to conduct his piece, and Goshen College cheered him on.


Henry has lots of dreams for himself. Maybe he’ll play in a band, join the Peace Corp, go to graduate school for music composition or teach high school science. Whatever he chooses, he’s well prepared.

“I have the opportunity to get two majors. I can learn in multiple disciplines. I feel like I’m exercising different parts of my brain every day. I’m constantly learning.”

– written by Anna Ruth ’12, photos by Alex Pletcher ’14

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