I came to Goshen College to be a nurse

But I’m also

Alli Beitler ’14

a runner,

a science geek,

a leader in the dorm,

a peacemaker.

Why do you recommend Goshen to others:

“I’m a science geek person, so I really like the Science Department. I just love how the professors are so involved that they’re so willing to give up their time to help students. And in general, the atmosphere at Goshen is just wonderful. People are friendly; it’s just a great welcoming place. You can really get to know someone. It’s such a great place to get involved. It’s a small campus and you can get involved in so many activities and get to know so many people. So that’s pretty much it…come to Goshen, it’s great!”

After graduation:

“I’m leaning toward pediatric nursing – I really like working with kids and childhood obesity is one of the issues I feel most strongly about. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting diabetes when you’re 5. And unlike cancer, which has no cure, obesity is something we can fix.”

I’m hopeful:

“That I can grow into myself and become a better person, more well rounded and aware of the world around me. And that I can be a knowledgeable human being – as a nurse and in general. Being at Goshen makes me feel like I can be all of those things.”

—Alli Beitler ’14 (pictured at right with her older sister Jana, a GC student too); Berne, Ind.; nursing major