Tailor the Sociology major to your needs and interests

Sociology and courses in related disciplines such as anthropology, economics, history, political science or psychology will make up about one-third of the credit hours required for your bachelor’s degree. Another third will be devoted to courses you select from the different disciplines in GC’s general studies program, providing a solid liberal arts foundation for your Sociology major.

Additionally, many Sociology majors, to prepare for job or service opportunities, or because they are interested in other areas of study, work in a second major or minor, such as business, foreign language, history, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or intercultural, peace, women’s or world-area studies.

Positions held by GC Sociology graduates

After GC, alumni work successfully in many different careers: as sociologists, anthropologists and counselors, or in church-related ministries, business, personnel work, technical vocations, or volunteer service. Two-thirds of GC’s Sociology grads have obtained master’s or doctoral degrees in such professions as:

  • church agency administrator
  • college professor
  • community development worker
  • counselor
  • overseas volunteer, missionary
  • family life educator
  • government service administrator
  • high school teacher
  • international development consultant
  • lawyer
  • minister
  • patient advocate
  • public policy analyst
  • social worker
  • urban planner

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